flechtner On these websites I am presenting results of my musical work. Focal points were and are the classical guitar, soundtracks for travel videos and the Hegelsbergsongs - songs that were composed and recorded by students and me.

My first encounters with music were my father's accordion playing and - as with many children - glockenspiel and recorder. But I soon lost my fun playing the flute and the music lessons and the grammar school took away the last joy of "serious" music. So my musical life was limited to listening to popular music of the 60s and to heated discussions about whether the Rolling Stones or the Beatles were the better ones. At first my favorites were The Beatles, but The Stones eventually caught up largely.

But then our school-leaving exam trip to England came and a spark gf egitarre ignited the fire. A classmate plucked "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals on a guitar. Immediately I asked him to explain this miracle to me and the instrument did not let me go anymore. Apart from a few lessons, I was self-taught since then. Blues musicians like B.B. King and rock guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher or Richie Blackmore accompanied me on my way. The band "Wishbone Ash" combined for me fascinating beauty of melody and polyphony in solo playing. Later I played electric guitar in several bands and we tried to get as close to our role models as possible.

But also the classical guitar did not let me rest. Musicians like Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams and many others let me discover the sonority of this instrument. Later, David Qualey and Baden Powell were added, the classic style of play associated with folkloristic influences. In self-study, over the years I developed a rich repertoire. When I finished my teacher studies I moved from Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate) to Kassel (Hesse state) because I got a job here. I quickly discovered the music academy as a new way to expand my skills. While I was working as a half time teacher I passed the entrance examination and studied first with Joel Betton, later with Wolfgang Lendle, who unfortunately died much too early. I passed the State Examination for Music Teachers and the Artistic Matura Exam - more was not possible.

But I did not want more, because gf studio at the Hegelsberg school in Kassel, a musical field of activity opened up for me, with which I had enough to do. Although I had German and politics as subjects, I was mainly teaching music and started the projects guitar and the school band. Here I was able to give free rein to my creativity through the promotion of young talents and, at a school that leads only to grade 10, I achieved incredible success and called the Hegelsbergsongs to life.

Parallel to all these developments I had always been fascinated to record music. In the early days as a rock musician, a simple tape recorder with automatic recording level was used for this purpose. gf git It did not sound like music, more than noise. A 4-track cassette recorder with separately adjustable channels made possible the first recordings with a school band. But then the computer in the form of an Atari came into play. Midi sounds from a Korg M1 workstation, combined with a synchronized 8-track tape recorder from Fostex, opened up completely new worlds. Today, the instruments come virtually from the PC in professional quality. There is no better way to compose soundtracks for travel videos, which is my third focus besides the classical guitar and the Hegelsbergsongs.

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